15 Surprising Insights from Trey Lance's Preseason Opener

Early Challenges: Trey Lance's third NFL season didn't start smoothly, but there's more to his journey than the first impression suggests.

Draft Expectations: Third overall draft picks are expected to shine, but for Lance, the journey has been a unique one.

Backup Blues: While backups didn't provide much help, Lance's hesitance during dropbacks is understandable given his limited playtime since college.

The Backup Battle:  It's not about starting but securing a backup position. The competition between Lance and Sam Darnold is intriguing.

Mixed Stats: Despite challenges, Lance's 10-of-15 performance for 112 yards showcased moments of promise.

Close Calls: Escaping two potential interceptions, including one in the end zone, luck was on Lance's side.

Slow Start: Lance faced a rocky start with three-and-outs, but a touchdown gave hope for improvemet.

Decision Struggles: Lance's indecisiveness on passes and third-down plays posed challenges.

Athletic Flair: Amid struggles, Lance displayed athleticism by escaping the rush and making positive gains.

Coaches' Insight:  Lance's touchdown was a highlight, but it also showcased areas for improvement as coaches provide guidance.

Trial and Error:  The journey continued with ups and downs, but growth was evident as Lance's performance improved.

Precision Throw:  A well-placed pass on third-and-10 to Chris Conley highlighted Lance's accuracy and potential.

Missed Opportunitis: Despite near-interceptions, Lance's persistence paid off as the 49ers positioned for a field goal.

High Price, High Hopes: The 49ers' significant trade for Lance reflects high expectations despite limited starts and challenges.

Backup Contemplati: As Lance vies for the backup spot, the preseason's early signs spark curiosity about his future role.