15 Lesser-Known Facts About Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon

They bonded over a shared love for architecture and art.

Ines is fluent in multiple languages, adding to their compatibility.

The couple enjoys exploring local markets during their travels.

Brad and Ines often opt for casual outings to maintain their privacy.

Ines once mentioned in an interview that trust is the foundation of their relationship

They met through mutual friends who saw their compatibility early on.

Brad's children have reportedly taken a liking to Ines, solidifying their connection.

Despite their low-key approach, they're known to engage in philanthropic endeavors.

The couple's favorite pastime is cooking together at home.

Ines is an avid rock climber, and Brad has joined her on some excursions.

Their love for classic films often leads to movie marathons on weekends.

Both have a fascination with historical documentaries and enjoy watching them together.

They share a love for animals and have adopted rescue pets.

Brad's artistic talents extend beyond acting; he often sketches portraits of Ines.

Ines has a passion for sustainable living, which has influenced their lifestyle choices.