Exclusive 15 Lesser-Known Facts about Lionel Messi's Phenomeal Performae

Messi's record-breaking goal marked his ninth in six matches with Inter Miami.

Ticket prices for the game soared past $1,000 on the secondary market due to Messi's presence.

Philadelphia fans paid top dollar to witness Messi's brilliance on the field.

 Some loyal Union fans traded their team gear for Messi merchandise for the night.

Fans lined up for Messi jerseys, even with authenticity not guaranteed, showcasing Messi's global appeal.

The Union received unprecedented worldwide attention, despite their loss.

Messi's triumphat introducion sparked a frenzy among the fans.

 Jordi Alba and Josef Martinez also contributed goals in the first half for Inter Miami.

David Ruiz added another goal in the second half, securing Inter Miami's victory.

Union's owner, Jay Sugarman, highlighted the decision to keep the game at Subaru Park.

Superstars Bernard Hopkins and Joel Embiid added to the excitement of the event.

Messi's impact led to an explosive demand for tickets, creating "Messi Mania."

Union's Supporters' Shield victory in 2020 and Durant's stake reflected their potential.

Messi's arrival added a new level of complexity to MLS championship aspirations.

 Sugarman's quote emphasized Messi's role as the game-changer in the league's narrative.