36 Items That Have Become Too Expensive for People to Buy

In a world where prices seem to be perpetually on the rise, it’s no surprise that many everyday items are becoming increasingly unaffordable. From basic necessities to once-affordable luxuries, the cost of living is climbing higher and higher, leaving people with tough choices to make. In this article, we’ll delve into 36 products and services that have grown too expensive for the average consumer.

1. Ebooks

Once a cost-effective way to enjoy a good read, ebooks have seen their prices skyrocket in recent years. What once cost $1 or $2 now demands $10 or more, sometimes even matching the price of physical books. It’s a puzzling trend considering the lower production costs of digital books.

2. Feminine Hygiene Products

The soaring prices of feminine hygiene products have left many women searching for alternatives. From innovative underwear to menstrual cups, cost-effective solutions are in demand to combat the financial burden of these essential items.

3. Olive Oil

The kitchen staple, olive oil, has become a luxury item as prices have doubled in just a matter of months. Shoppers may experience sticker shock when reaching for that bottle on the store shelf.

4. Streaming Services

While streaming services once promised an economical alternative to cable TV, they have evolved into a costly web of subscriptions. With each network offering its own package and frequent price hikes, the once-frugal choice now pinches the pockets of binge-watchers.

5. Sporting Events

Attending live sporting events has become a near impossibility for many families due to the combined expenses of tickets, parking, and concessions. The dream of catching a game now requires a substantial income.

6. Lumber

The surge in lumber prices has led to second thoughts for DIY enthusiasts looking to build. Some are finding it more economical to purchase the vegetables they once intended to grow in their own gardens.

7. Potato Chips

A favorite snack, potato chips, has fallen victim to inflation, with a regular bag now nearing $5 and family-size bags reaching almost $7. It’s not just the price that irks consumers; it’s the shrinking bag size.

8. Pre-Ordering Anything

Once a reliable way to secure highly anticipated items, pre-ordering has become a gamble. Supply chain issues and unscrupulous companies have left consumers wary of putting money down for promises yet to be fulfilled.

9. Phones

Flagship smartphones from major brands now command prices exceeding $1,000. With incremental upgrades, consumers are rethinking their purchasing habits, opting to stick with their current devices rather than pay a premium for marginal improvements.

10. Door Dash/Uber Eats

Food delivery services have become more expensive with fees that can nearly triple the cost of a basic meal. Coupled with tipping, these services are losing their appeal for budget-conscious diners.

11. Cable Television

The ever-increasing cost of cable television, averaging over $215 a month in the U.S., has driven millions to cut the cord. The absence of affordable a la carte options has left many questioning the value of traditional cable packages.

12. Eggs

Egg prices have remained high even after a bird flu outbreak, raising suspicions of collusion among egg manufacturers. It will take time for prices to normalize as new chicks hatch and production increases.

13. Live Concerts

Concert ticket prices have surged, partly due to dynamic pricing algorithms that adjust prices based on demand. High ticket prices affect the resale market, making it difficult for concertgoers to find affordable seats.

14. Gas

Gas prices have experienced unprecedented fluctuations, leading some to explore alternatives like electric vehicles. Going car-free is an option gaining traction as people seek ways to mitigate transportation costs.

15. Soup

Once a budget-friendly meal, soup prices have climbed. Sales and portion sizes have both shrunk, making this pantry staple less appealing to cost-conscious consumers.

16. Medical Care

Rising healthcare costs force some to ration their medication or seek more affordable alternatives. Startups offering prescription drugs at lower prices are emerging to address this issue.

17. Makeup

High makeup prices have driven some to opt for store brands, though the results may not be as satisfactory. Others have abandoned makeup altogether in favor of skincare solutions.

18. Organic Milk

The price of organic milk has surged, pushing some consumers to consider making their own almond milk as a cost-effective alternative.

19. Lift Tickets

Skiing enthusiasts are feeling the pinch as lift ticket prices soar. Whether due to inflation or shorter ski seasons caused by warmer weather, skiers are reevaluating their winter vacation plans.

20. LEGO’s

Once a beloved childhood pastime, LEGO sets now come with a hefty price tag. The days of affordable sets in the $30 range are dwindling, leaving parents searching for budget-friendly options.

21. Fast Food

Eating out on a budget has become increasingly challenging, with even fast food meals costing between $10 and $20. Creative alternatives, like homemade breakfast sandwiches, are gaining popularity among those seeking to cut costs.

22. Christmas Trees

The price of real Christmas trees has risen substantially, leading more people to consider artificial trees for their holiday decor.

23. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings, a beloved bar snack, have become more costly both at home and in restaurants. Finding $0.50 wing night deals now feels like hitting the jackpot.

24. Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizzas, once an affordable alternative to takeout, now approach $10 in price, leaving consumers feeling shortchanged.

25. Cars

The average price of new cars reached an all-time high in 2022, making car ownership a luxury for some. Beater cars are gaining popularity as a cost-effective alternative.

26. Cereal

Cereal prices, whether sugary or healthier options, continue to rise. Store brands offer some relief, but even they are becoming less budget-friendly.

27. Magazines

Print magazine prices have surged, even as readers transition to digital formats. The industry’s pricing strategy appears counterintuitive as it risks alienating its audience.

28. Greeting Cards

Greeting card prices have reached new heights, prompting some to seek dollar store alternatives or reconsider the value of such fleeting gestures.

29. Home Improvement Plans

Higher lumber and building material prices have made home renovation projects cost-prohibitive for many homeowners.

30. Ice Cream

Ice cream prices have increased, and some brands are reducing product sizes while incorporating more air, resulting in a less satisfying scoop.

31. Computer Graphics Cards

Once affordable, graphics cards are now in high demand, driving up prices and causing some enthusiasts to reconsider building their own PCs.

32. Plane Tickets

Airfare prices have surged, making it challenging to find affordable flights. Savvy travelers must work hard to secure reasonable deals.

33. Butter and Margarine

Prices for butter have risen substantially, while margarine costs may be influenced by global conflicts. The future of these kitchen staples remains uncertain.

34. Disney

Disney vacations have become prohibitively expensive, with high admission and food costs, as well as additional expenses like airfare and accommodations.

35. Car Washes

Car washes, once a convenient and affordable option, have become pricier, leaving car owners searching for cost-effective alternatives.

36. Coca-Cola

Soda prices have increased, erasing the days of affordable 4-packs. Consumers now face higher costs for their favorite fizzy beverages.

As the cost of living continues to rise, consumers are challenged to find creative ways to manage their budgets and maintain their desired quality of life. It’s a balancing act that requires careful consideration of priorities and alternatives in a world where affordability is increasingly elusive.

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