AI Boom: Brace Yourselves for the Creation of 69 Million Jobs

AI Boom: Brace Yourselves for the Creation of 69 Million Jobs

Embracing AI Evolution: 69 Million Jobs Forecasted in Next 5 Years

AI and Human Collaboration: A Harmonious Future

In a groundbreaking revelation, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, President of the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA), dispels concerns surrounding the impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on employment. Contrary to fears of job displacement, a recent study by the International Labor Organization suggests that AI will seamlessly automate specific tasks while coexisting harmoniously with human responsibilities.

Insights from the World Economic Forum

Al-Ghamdi’s Projections Paint a Positive Picture

Drawing attention to a World Economic Forum report, Dr. Al-Ghamdi anticipates the creation of a staggering 69 million jobs in the next five years, all thanks to the integration of AI. These revelations unfolded during his keynote address at the inaugural international labor market conference organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Riyadh.

AI Integration: An Opportunity, Not a Threat

Policies and Regulations Key to a Bright Future

Al-Ghamdi emphatically states that the evolution of the labor market toward AI presents an opportunity to enhance human capabilities rather than a threat to job security. However, he underscores the importance of implementing proper policies and regulations. Notably, AI adoption will prioritize individuals currently occupying available positions.

Navigating New Job Titles

Acknowledging Challenges in the AI Workforce

Recognizing the dynamic shifts in job titles, from AI Engineers to AI Artists, Al-Ghamdi acknowledges the strategic challenges posed by a shortage of skilled employees in these emerging areas. Statistics indicate a significant global struggle, with about 77% of companies finding it challenging to locate the talents they need in 2023, a stark increase from 38% in 2015.

SDAIA’s Strategic Initiatives

A Decisive Role in Shaping the Future

Established by royal decree in 2019, SDAIA has been at the forefront of driving the AI and big data agenda in Saudi Arabia. Al-Ghamdi outlines proactive steps taken, including the national AI strategy launched in 2020. This strategy aims to transform the AI revolution into a supportive force for the labor market, focusing on inspiring interest, building specialists, and sustaining solutions by distinguished experts.

Inspiring Interest and Building Specialists

A Pathway to a Skilled Talent Pool

In the inspiration phase, SDAIA has successfully raised awareness among 600,000 people. The goal is to achieve 40% awareness among public and private sector employees by 2030. These initiatives align with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to qualifying 20,000 specialists and raising awareness among 40% of the workforce in data and AI fields.

In Conclusion: Saudi Arabia Leading the AI Revolution

As Saudi Arabia takes decisive steps to position itself at the forefront of the AI revolution, the collaboration between humans and AI emerges as a beacon of progress. The strategic initiatives led by SDAIA promise not only to address the challenges posed by a changing job landscape but also to create a skilled talent pool that ensures a prosperous future.

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