Breaking News: The Jaw-Dropping Size of Tesla’s Cybertruck Bed Revealed!


How Big is Tesla’s Cybertruck Bed Actually?

The mystery surrounding Tesla’s Cybertruck bed size has finally been unveiled, putting an end to weeks of speculation. With an official bed size of 6 x 4 feet, the Cybertruck’s cargo space is now a topic of intense scrutiny and discussion within the automotive community.

Unveiling the Bed Size

In a recent Facebook post that caught the attention of Cybertruck enthusiasts, a driver was seen draping a mountain bike over the EV’s tailgate. This sparked a debate about the practicality and adequacy of the Cybertruck’s bed size.

Range and Performance

While the bed size has taken the spotlight, it’s crucial to revisit the Cybertruck’s overall performance. Despite the promised 500-mile range, the premium trim falls short at 340 miles, prompting the need for a pricey range extender to achieve over 470 miles on a single charge.

The Bed Size Controversy

Before jumping to conclusions about the bed being too small, it’s essential to consider alternative explanations. Perhaps the mountain bike in question is unusually long, necessitating the unique transportation method. Spy shots of a Cybertruck accommodating an entire bike add complexity to the discussion.

Production Changes

Examining the evolution of the Cybertruck’s design, we observe a significant departure from early prototypes. The bed, initially featuring straight sides for more storage space, now slopes inwards, potentially reducing usable volume. Has the bed size been intentionally altered for the production model?

Comparison with Competitors

A side-by-side comparison with the Rivian R1T’s 4.5-foot truck bed raises questions about the Cybertruck’s size adequacy. While the naked eye suggests a struggle, it remains challenging to draw definitive conclusions without official specifications.

The Need for Official Specs

In a market filled with electric pickup trucks, clarity on specifications is paramount. Tesla’s assurance of a six-foot-long truck, as mentioned in a second-quarter earnings report, awaits validation through an official spec sheet. The absence of such information raises concerns for potential buyers.

Promises vs. Compromises

The Cybertruck’s road to production has been fraught with promises and compromises. As consumers eagerly await official specifications, questions linger about whether the initial vision has been compromised in favor of practicality or design adjustments.

Anticipating Spec Sheet Release

The ongoing speculation regarding the Cybertruck’s bed size could be swiftly addressed if Tesla releases an official spec sheet. Whether through delayed disclosure or actual measurements of delivered models, the need for accurate dimensions is crucial for informed decision-making.

The Impact on Buyers

For prospective Cybertruck buyers, the ambiguity surrounding bed dimensions is a significant concern. Knowing the truck’s limitations and capabilities is crucial before making a purchase decision. The speculation adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to an already competitive market.


In conclusion, while the Cybertruck’s bed size remains a point of contention, a definitive answer is pending. Tesla’s commitment to transparency through an official spec sheet would not only dispel doubts but also affirm its dedication to providing accurate information to its consumer base.


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