Car Buyers Beware: These 10 Vehicles Are Trouble After 100K Miles

Avoid These 10 Cars at All Costs

In today’s ever-changing automotive landscape, finding a reliable vehicle that can withstand the test of time is crucial, especially in the face of rising car costs due to inflation. To help you make an informed decision in 2023, we have enlisted the expertise of Jacob Carter, the owner of Engine Rev Up, a renowned blog dedicated to the intricacies of car maintenance and repairs. Carter’s extensive experience has revealed certain vehicle models that tend to be more susceptible to demanding repairs and breakdowns, particularly after crossing the 100,000-mile mark.

Nissan Altima – A Potential Pitfall

Starting MSRP: $24,300

The Nissan Altima, known for its reliable performance, comfortable interior, and advanced safety features, might seem like a solid choice. However, caution is advised. Carter points out that the continuously variable transmission (CVT) found in many Altimas has a propensity for premature failure, often occurring shortly after hitting the 100,000-mile milestone. This issue can lead to costly repairs and should give potential buyers pause.

BMW 3 Series – Luxury at a Cost

Starting MSRP: $41,250

The BMW 3 Series, celebrated for its sporty driving dynamics, upscale interior, and cutting-edge technology, may be a dream car for many. However, Carter’s insights reveal a potential downside. A significant number of these luxury compact cars demand high maintenance costs, often requiring engine or electrical repairs around or shortly after reaching 100,000 miles. This added expense may tarnish the allure of owning a BMW.

Land Rover Discovery – Aesthetic Appeal with Concerns

Starting MSRP: $55,250

The Land Rover Discovery, with its handsome design, exudes elegance. Nevertheless, it has garnered a reputation for encountering issues related to air suspension, electrical anomalies, and premature transmission failure. Carter’s advice is to weigh the aesthetics against the potential for costly repairs when considering this vehicle.

Fiat 500 – Compact but Not Without Faults

Starting MSRP: $16,495

The Fiat 500, a compact and stylish city car with European charm and nimble maneuverability, has its share of admirers. However, its diminutive size also contributes to some problems. Frequent engine issues, particularly oil leaks, are a known concern. Furthermore, the limited space within the engine compartment can amplify the cost of repairs, making the Fiat 500 less attractive in the long run.

Jeep Wrangler – Off-Roading Fun with a Rusty Twist

Starting MSRP: $29,995

The Jeep Wrangler, an iconic off-road SUV renowned for its rugged design and exceptional capabilities on various terrains, offers an enjoyable off-roading experience. However, it is not without its drawbacks. Carter warns that it is susceptible to rust, steering, and suspension problems, which may require costly repairs. Potential buyers should carefully consider their intended use before investing in a Wrangler.

Ford Fiesta – Economical, but Not Trouble-Free

Starting MSRP: $15,490

The Ford Fiesta, a compact car known for its agile handling and fuel efficiency, is a popular choice for urban driving. While it may be an economical subcompact option, it is not immune to issues. Carter notes a track record of transmission problems and electrical issues, making it a car that might be best avoided for those seeking long-term reliability.

Chrysler 200 – Sleek Design, Hidden Costs

Starting MSRP: $22,220

The Chrysler 200, a midsize sedan offering a blend of style and practicality with its sleek design and comfortable interior, may catch your eye. However, Carter points out a notable frequency of engine, transmission, and electrical repairs required at relatively low mileage levels. This potential for early and costly repairs should be a significant consideration.

Volkswagen Tiguan – Style vs. Reliability

Starting MSRP: $26,440

The Volkswagen Tiguan, known for its stylish design and comfortable interior, appeals to those seeking aesthetics and comfort. Nevertheless, Carter highlights a growing reputation for costly transmission issues, often surfacing shortly after crossing the 100,000-mile threshold. Buyers should weigh the vehicle’s style against the potential for expensive repairs.

Mini Cooper – Distinctive Design, but Not Without Flaws

Starting MSRP: $22,900

The Mini Cooper, celebrated for its compact and distinctive design, attracts those looking to stand out with a unique car choice. However, it is not without its persistent concerns. Carter’s insights reveal ongoing issues with oil leaks, turbo failures, as well as suspension and electrical problems. Potential buyers should be prepared for potential maintenance headaches.

Tesla Model S – Innovation with a Cost

Starting MSRP: $81,190

The Tesla Model S, renowned for its impressive acceleration and cutting-edge technology, is a symbol of innovation. However, as Carter points out, this innovation comes with a significant cost. Battery pack replacement is often required around or shortly after the 100,000-mile mark, making this high-end electric vehicle a long-term investment that requires careful consideration.


In a world where vehicle reliability is paramount, it’s crucial to make an informed decision when purchasing a car, especially considering the financial implications of potential breakdowns and repairs. Jacob Carter’s insights into these ten cars that may break down after 100,000 miles provide valuable guidance to help you navigate the complex landscape of car buying in 2023. When choosing your next vehicle, it’s essential to balance your preferences with the potential for maintenance costs, ensuring that your investment remains reliable and enjoyable for years to come.

This informative guide arms you with the knowledge needed to make a well-informed choice, ensuring your new vehicle is a reliable companion on the road ahead.

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