Donald Trump Suffers Double Polling Blow

Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: Unveiling the Latest Polling Dynamics


In the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. politics, the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency continues to captivate the nation. Recent polls from Ipsos and YouGov have injected fresh energy into this political saga, revealing a dynamic and closely contested race that demands our attention.

The Ipsos Verdict

Ipsos, a reputable polling agency, conducted a survey of 3,815 registered voters between January 3 and 9 for Reuters. The findings exposed a narrow gap, with Biden securing 40 percent of the vote compared to Trump’s 38 percent. However, when the scenario was distilled to just these two candidates, a mere 2 percentage points separated them. Intriguingly, the inclusion of third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shifted the landscape, leaving Biden and Trump at 34 percent and 33 percent respectively.

The YouGov Perspective

Another influential player in the polling arena, YouGov, conducted a poll of 1,472 registered voters for The Economist between January 14 and 16. The results mirrored the Ipsos findings, depicting a razor-thin margin where Biden held a 1 percentage point lead over Trump. The implications of these numbers are significant, setting the stage for a highly competitive showdown.

Demographic Insights

Age Divide

Delving into demographic nuances, the YouGov survey unveiled compelling insights into age dynamics. Biden emerged as the clear favourite among younger voters, securing a commanding 56 percent to 29 percent lead in the 18-29 demographic. In contrast, Trump’s stronghold lay in the 65 plus age group, where he led by 51 percent to 40 percent. This age-centric contrast adds a layer of complexity to the evolving narrative of the electoral race.

Gender and Race Dynamics

Biden’s popularity among female voters is noteworthy, with a lead of 46 percent against Trump’s 38 percent. Conversely, Trump commands a six-point advantage among male voters. In the realm of racial preferences, Trump prevails among white voters with a 50 percent to 39 percent lead, while Biden takes the lead among Black and Hispanic voters, securing 57 percent versus 18 percent and 50 percent versus 31 percent respectively.

The Iowa Republican Caucus Triumph

On January 15, Trump secured a resounding victory in the Iowa Republican caucus, a triumph that solidified his standing as the Republican frontrunner. With 51 percent of the vote, he left competitors in the dust, further amplifying his appeal among voters.

The New Hampshire Primary Looms

As the political stage shifts to New Hampshire, anticipation builds for the primary on January 23. A recent Suffolk University poll, conducted in collaboration with The Boston Globe and NBC, suggests Trump holds a substantial 16-point lead over second-placed Nikki Haley. This marks a stark departure from a previous poll, indicating a four percent lead for Trump over the former South Carolina governor.

Pennsylvania: The Crucial Swing State

Several recent polls have spotlighted Pennsylvania as a crucial battleground. In a Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll, Trump takes the lead by 40 percent to 39 percent. Another influential Quinnipiac University survey positions Trump at 49 percent, surpassing Biden’s 46 percent. These results underscore the volatility of Pennsylvania, a state integral to both candidates’ strategies.


In the complex tapestry of U.S. politics, the ongoing duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden takes centre stage. The recent polls from Ipsos and YouGov, coupled with Trump’s triumph in the Iowa Republican caucus, set the tone for a high-stakes battle. As primary voters in New Hampshire prepare to cast their ballots, and Pennsylvania emerges as a critical battleground, the dynamics of this presidential race are fluid and unpredictable.

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