Grilling Gone Wrong: The 10 Meats You Should NEVER Put on Your BBQ

10 Meats You Should Never Grill

In the realm of culinary delight, few activities match the joy of grilling. The sizzle of meat hitting the hot grates, the tantalizing aroma that fills the air, and the promise of a mouthwatering meal—all make grilling a beloved pastime. However, even for the most seasoned grill enthusiasts, not all meats are created equal when it comes to grilling. To help you achieve grilling perfection, we present a comprehensive guide on the 10 meats you should never grill.

1. Bacon

Bacon, a breakfast favorite, is often considered a must-grill item by many. But before you toss those strips on the grates, consider this: bacon is high in fat, and when grilled, it tends to drip excess grease onto the flames, causing flare-ups. These flare-ups can result in uneven cooking and even burnt bacon. To maintain the crispy perfection of bacon, it’s best to cook it in a pan or in the oven, where you can control the cooking process more effectively.

2. Scallops

Scallops, with their delicate flavor and tender texture, are a seafood delicacy. However, they are incredibly prone to overcooking, and the high heat of a grill can quickly turn them rubbery and tasteless. If you’re craving scallops, consider searing them in a hot pan with a bit of butter for a few minutes on each side; this method preserves their natural sweetness and tenderness.

3. Oxtail

Oxtail, known for its rich and hearty flavor, is a cut often used in braising and slow cooking dishes. Grilling oxtail is a challenge due to its tough, collagen-rich meat that requires low and slow cooking to break down properly. Attempting to grill oxtail may result in an unpleasantly chewy texture. Instead, simmer it in a flavorful stew or braise it to enjoy its full potential.

4. Liver

Liver, whether it’s from chicken, beef, or any other animal, is not ideal for grilling. Liver has a tendency to become tough and dry when exposed to high heat, losing its inherent tenderness and flavor. Opt for alternative cooking methods like sautéing or pan-frying with onions and spices to create a savory dish.

5. Ground Meatloaf

Ground meatloaf, though tempting to grill, can be tricky. Unlike traditional burgers, meatloaf often contains added ingredients like breadcrumbs and eggs, making it more delicate. Grilling can cause it to crumble and fall apart, leading to a less-than-desirable result. Instead, shape your meatloaf into individual patties and grill them as burgers for a more manageable and delicious experience.

6. Tripe

Tripe, the edible lining from the stomach of various animals, is a delicacy in many cuisines. However, its unique texture and composition make it a challenging candidate for grilling. Tripe tends to become tough and rubbery on the grill, so it’s better suited for slow-cooked soups, stews, or braises that allow it to become tender and flavorful.

7. Chicken Wings with Excess Marinade

Chicken wings are a classic grilling favorite, but when they’re slathered with excessive marinade, they can become problematic. The sugar in the marinade can lead to excessive charring and burnt wings. If you marinate your chicken wings, ensure they are adequately drained before grilling to prevent flare-ups and achieve perfectly grilled wings.

8. Thin Fish Fillets

Thin fish fillets, such as flounder or sole, are incredibly delicate and can easily fall apart on the grill. To avoid this, consider using a fish grilling basket or wrapping them in foil to maintain their integrity. Alternatively, opt for thicker fish fillets that can withstand the heat without disintegrating.

9. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are lean cuts that are notorious for drying out on the grill. To keep them moist and flavorful, marinate them beforehand, grill them over medium heat, and monitor their internal temperature to ensure they are thoroughly cooked but not overdone.

10. Delicate Seafood

Delicate seafood, such as flounder, sole, and tilapia, are prone to sticking to the grill grates and falling apart. To grill these types of fish successfully, use a grilling mat or aluminum foil to prevent sticking, and handle them gently to maintain their delicate texture.

In conclusion, while it’s true that with the right skills, many meats can be grilled to perfection, some cuts and types of meat are best suited for alternative cooking methods. By avoiding grilling the 10 meats mentioned above and employing alternative cooking techniques, you can ensure that your culinary creations are always a delight to the palate. Happy grilling!

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