India vs England: Ben Stokes salutes Jasprit Bumrah genius as thrilling Test series levelled

Jasprit Bumrah

India vs England: Bumrah’s Brilliance Secures Series-Levelling Triumph

Unraveling the Drama in Vizag: A Masterclass by Jasprit Bumrah

In a gripping showdown at Vizag, India and England battled fiercely in the Second Test, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. The standout performer of this high-stakes encounter was none other than the sensational Jasprit Bumrah, whose remarkable nine-wicket haul played a pivotal role in India’s triumphant series-leveling victory.

A Record Chase and England’s Daunting Pursuit

England, fueled by the euphoria of their comeback success in the Hyderabad opener, entered day four with hopes of achieving an unprecedented chase, set to conquer a challenging target of 399. The belief in another miracle was palpable, but as the day unfolded, it became evident that the pursuit was a mountain too steep to climb. Despite glimpses of resilience, with Zak Crawley’s valiant 73 being the highest individual score, England fell short at 292, with too many players squandering promising starts.

Bumrah’s Brilliance and Man of the Match Honor

While India’s dominance in the match was underscored by Yashasvi Jaiswal’s phenomenal 209 and Shubman Gill’s impactful century, the spotlight rightfully belonged to Jasprit Bumrah. The quick bowler’s masterful display of reverse-swing, claiming six wickets in England’s first innings, set the stage for India’s success. Bumrah’s crucial breakthroughs on the final day, including the dismissal of Jonny Bairstow and breaking a vital partnership between Ben Foakes and Tom Hartley, solidified his claim as the Man of the Match. The cherry on top was Bumrah’s exquisite delivery to dismantle Hartley’s stumps, showcasing his prowess in every aspect of fast bowling.

Stokes’ Salute: Bumrah vs. Anderson

In the aftermath of the enthralling contest, England’s star all-rounder Ben Stokes couldn’t help but salute the genius of Jasprit Bumrah. Drawing a parallel between Bumrah and the seasoned James Anderson, Stokes expressed his admiration for the incredible skill displayed by both bowlers.

“You look at Jimmy Anderson and the way that Jasprit Bumrah bowled this week,” Stokes praised. “You’re watching two guys who are incredibly skillful bowlers. Watching those two, albeit Jasprit is on the opposite side, you’ve got to sometimes hold your hands up and just say, ‘Wow, what a player’.”

England’s Bold Chase and Unfortunate Shortcomings

Despite the daunting target, England approached the chase with unwavering belief, a testament to their fearless approach under Captain Ben Stokes. The team’s history-making pursuit of 378 against India at Edgbaston two summers ago was still fresh in memory, creating an atmosphere of optimism. However, the Indian attack, led by Bumrah, proved too formidable. England, as tourists, had never successfully chased down such a substantial target on Indian soil, and the streak remained unbroken.

Stokes’ Heroics and Uncharacteristic Dismissal

Twice during the match, hope blossomed for England, first with Crawley and Bairstow’s promising partnership and later with Stokes at the crease. Crawley’s dismissal, controversially lbw by Kuldeep Yadav on review, followed by Bairstow’s fall to Bumrah, shifted the momentum decisively in India’s favor. Stokes, known for his masterful rescue acts, saw a short-lived stay at the crease, falling victim to an uncharacteristic run-out. The skipper’s departure marked a turning point, leaving England in a precarious position.

Foakes and Hartley’s Resistance

Amidst the adversity, Ben Foakes and Tom Hartley showed resilience, each contributing 36 runs. Hartley, in particular, denied Ravichandran Ashwin a milestone 500th Test wicket with a successful review. However, their efforts were in vain as Bumrah returned to the attack, sealing the deal for India.

Looking Ahead: A Perfectly Poised Series

As both teams now enjoy a nine-day break before the Third Test in Rajkot, the series hangs in the balance. India, missing key players in the form of Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, and KL Rahul in this triumph, anticipates their potential return. England, surpassing initial expectations, has held its ground through the first leg of the five-match tour, setting the stage for a thrilling continuation.


The Vizag Test unfolded as a spectacle of skill, determination, and unexpected twists. Jasprit Bumrah emerged as the game-changer, earning accolades not only from the Indian camp but also from opponents like Ben Stokes. England’s valiant pursuit, led by Stokes and his men, showcased their resilience despite falling short. As the cricketing world awaits the next chapter in Rajkot, the India vs. England series stands perfectly poised, promising more drama, brilliance, and unforgettable moments.

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