India’s First Underwater Metro: Connecting Kolkata and Howrah

India gets its first underwater metro

India’s First Underwater Metro: Connecting Kolkata and Howrah

India marked a historic milestone with the inauguration of its first underwater metro rail tunnel, connecting the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah. This significant infrastructure project, spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a testament to India’s commitment to modernizing its transportation network and enhancing connectivity between key urban centers.

Transforming Commuting in Kolkata and Howrah

The underwater metro tunnel, spanning a 520-meter stretch beneath the Hooghly River, promises to revolutionize commuting for residents of Kolkata and Howrah. Passengers can now traverse the river in just 45 seconds, easing congestion and providing a swift and efficient mode of transportation between the two cities.

A Cost-Effective and Safe Solution

The decision to construct an underwater subway was driven by a desire for a safer and more cost-effective alternative to building an elevated portion. The Chief Public Relations Officer of the Eastern Railways, Kaushik Mitra, highlighted the advantages of this approach, emphasizing the importance of safety and efficiency in railway infrastructure.

Impressive Engineering Feats

The 4.8-kilometer East-West Metro stretch in West Bengal, constructed at a cost of Rs 49.65 billion (£470 million), showcases impressive engineering feats. The deepest metro station, located at Howrah, lies 30 meters below ground level, demonstrating India’s capability to undertake complex infrastructure projects.

Enhancing Passenger Safety and Comfort

To ensure passenger safety, walkways have been constructed on both sides of the tunnel, with ventilation shafts positioned every 25 meters for emergency evacuations. The installation of special blue lights along the tunnel’s inner walls creates a unique underwater ambiance, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

A Symbol of Progress and Innovation

Prime Minister Modi’s inaugural ride on the underwater metro, accompanied by school students, symbolizes India’s commitment to progress and innovation in the field of transportation. His vision for a modern and efficient transportation network is reflected in this groundbreaking project.


The inauguration of India’s first underwater metro tunnel represents a significant achievement in the country’s infrastructure development. It not only enhances connectivity between Kolkata and Howrah but also serves as a symbol of India’s progress and innovation. As the nation continues to invest in modernizing its transportation network, projects like the underwater metro are poised to transform the way people commute and contribute to India’s growth story.

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