India’s Modi Stands Firm on Farmers’ Welfare Amid Protests


India’s Modi says committed to farmers’ welfare, protesting leaders call meeting

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reaffirmed his government’s commitment to the welfare of farmers, emphasizing a vision to empower them as entrepreneurs and exporters. This statement comes amidst ongoing protests by farmers, primarily from Punjab, demanding higher prices for their produce.

Government’s Pro-Farmer Policies

Modi’s administration has announced various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of farmers across the country. The recent decision to raise the floor price for sugar cane by 8% demonstrates the government’s dedication to supporting farmers’ interests. While this move may not directly benefit protesting farmers who predominantly cultivate rice and wheat, it will positively impact cane farmers in other states.

Focus on Agricultural Modernization

During a public address in Gujarat, Modi highlighted the government’s efforts to enhance the lives of small-scale farmers. Initiatives such as providing modern seeds and solar pumps aim to integrate small farmers into the modern agricultural landscape. Modi emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to transform small farmers into entrepreneurs and exporters.

Addressing Political Risks

Analysts suggest that Modi’s party is keen on avoiding a repeat of past protests, which led to the repeal of contentious farm reform laws. The current protests, centered around the border of Punjab and Haryana, pose a political risk as they could potentially spread to other states. With general elections looming, Modi’s party is cautious of upsetting the influential farming community.

Current Status of Protests

The ongoing protests have seen farmers gathering at the Shambhu protest site, with a significant presence on the Haryana-Punjab border. Despite police intervention, the farmers remain resolute in their demands, reflecting the deep-seated issues within the agricultural sector.

Social Media Response

In response to the protests, social media platforms have taken action, removing certain accounts and posts as per government directives. These actions indicate the government’s efforts to control the narrative surrounding the protests.

Future Outlook

The government’s commitment to farmers’ welfare is evident through its policies and actions. The upcoming meeting in Chandigarh, where farmer leaders from various states will convene, is expected to shed light on future plans and strategies.


Prime Minister Modi’s assertion of support for farmers underscores the government’s proactive approach to addressing agricultural challenges. As the protests continue, the government faces the challenge of balancing the interests of farmers with broader political considerations. Overall, the government’s commitment to farmers’ welfare remains unwavering, reflecting a broader vision for the agricultural sector in India.

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