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Chris Christie

The Secrets of Chris Christie’s Financial Success

In recent years, Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor, has seen his net worth experience a significant upswing, catapulting him into the ranks of the nation’s wealthiest political figures. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating journey of how Chris Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, transformed their financial situation from middle-class beginnings to the multi-millionaire status they now enjoy. This compelling financial transformation is a testament to Christie’s resourcefulness and ability to adapt to various income-generating opportunities.

A Modest Beginning

Chris Christie’s early life was marked by middle-class values. Born in Newark in 1962, he and his family later relocated to the suburbs. His father worked for Peat Marwick, which later became KPMG, and his mother was employed at a typewriter company. Christie’s interest in politics, which played a pivotal role in his future success, was sparked by his grandmother, with whom he watched political programs like “Meet the Press” from a young age. His Republican affiliation was sealed after watching President Gerald Ford’s speech at the 1976 GOP convention.

A Promising Start

While studying political science at the University of Delaware, Christie met his future wife, Mary Pat, a business student. Their early years were financially challenging, with Mary Pat earning $20,000 annually at a New York investment bank, and Chris working at a small law firm while completing his degree. The strain on their marriage became evident, particularly after they moved into a fixer-upper home in Cranford, New Jersey, in 1988. They separated twice and attempted counseling but ultimately found stability, both financially and emotionally, when they moved into a new house.

Real Estate Ventures

The couple sold their Cranford residence in 1991, taking a financial hit. However, by this time, they were financially resilient enough to borrow $300,000 to build a 3,700-square-foot home in Mendham, New Jersey. Over the years, they continued to make strategic real estate moves, selling and buying homes, eventually amassing a portfolio of properties. Their primary residence is now estimated to be worth $2 million, demonstrating their aptitude for real estate investments.

Political Ascent

Christie’s bank account grew significantly in the 1990s, in parallel with his political career. After serving on George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign in 1992, he was appointed U.S.George W. Bush, the Attorney for New Jersey. Under his leadership, the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s office became renowned for prosecuting corrupt officials, securing 130 convictions during his tenure. His professional encounters with Jared Kushner’s father and a burgeoning friendship with Donald Trump laid the foundation for his future political endeavors.

A Governor’s Salary

Christie’s political ascent continued when he was elected as the Governor of New Jersey in 2009. His $175,000 salary and a Princeton residence came with the role, although the Christies opted to maintain their family home in Mendham to provide stability for their children. Mary Pat, working as a vice president at a Wall Street investment firm, was the primary breadwinner for the family during this period.

A Presidential Bid and Transition

Christie’s run for the presidency in 2015 was met with challenges, ultimately leading to his withdrawal from the race. Subsequently, he joined the Trump campaign as an advisor and head of the transition team. However, conflicts within the campaign and with Jared Kushner, whom he had previously prosecuted, led to his sidelining. Returning to New Jersey for his final year as governor, the Christies reported around $2 million in assets at the time, with Mary Pat earning over $500,000 in deferred compensation.

Chris Christie’s Financial Renaissance

In 2018, Chris Christie embarked on a new chapter of financial success. He began working as a contributor for ABC News, established his own law firm, and launched a consulting and lobbying business called Christie 55 Solutions. These endeavors proved to be swift successes, allowing the Christies to invest in a beachfront property in Bay Head, New Jersey. Their consulting and lobbying work alone brought in $3.2 million between January 2022 and mid-2023.

Diverse Income Streams

The couple’s income streams diversified further, with earnings from a combined six corporate boards, commentator roles, speaking fees, and book sales. These avenues, combined with prudent investments in stocks, bonds, and index funds, have significantly contributed to their current estimated net worth of $15 million.


Chris Christie’s journey from a middle-class upbringing to a multi-millionaire is a testament to his adaptability and resourcefulness. His ability to leverage various income-generating opportunities, coupled with strategic real estate investments, diverse income streams, and successful business ventures, has propelled him into the ranks of the nation’s wealthiest political figures. This story of financial transformation is an inspiring narrative of resilience and adaptability in the realm of personal finance.

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