Prime Time Wellness: Amazon’s Jaw-Dropping $9 Monthly Health Access


Revolutionizing Healthcare Access for Prime Members: Amazon’s $9 Monthly Primary Care Offer

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon has unveiled an exclusive healthcare offering for its Prime members, providing primary care services for just $9 a month through its partnership with One Medical. This strategic initiative aims to redefine healthcare accessibility, combining the power of e-commerce giant Amazon with the expertise of One Medical.

The One Medical Advantage

Virtual Care Anytime, Anywhere

One Medical’s membership, available at a discounted annual fee of $99 for Prime members, includes unlimited 24/7 virtual care services. This means Prime members can access quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes, ensuring convenience and timely medical support.

In-Person Appointments

Beyond virtual care, Prime members can schedule same-day or next-day in-person appointments at One Medical primary care offices. While office visits may require insurance or out-of-pocket payment, the flexibility of scheduling demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Cost-Saving Benefits for Prime Members

The $9 monthly fee represents a significant cost-saving opportunity for Prime members, as it translates to a $100 discount off the standard One Medical annual membership fee. This exclusive offer aligns with Amazon’s commitment to enhancing the value proposition of its Prime membership, which currently costs $139 a year.

Amazon’s Expanding Healthcare Ecosystem

Amazon Pharmacy

This move follows Amazon’s successful foray into the pharmaceutical space with Amazon Pharmacy, offering a seamless experience for prescription medication orders. The integration of pharmacy services complements the convenience of One Medical’s primary care offerings.

Amazon Clinic

Amazon’s online healthcare service, Amazon Clinic, further strengthens the company’s position in the healthcare sector. The amalgamation of virtual care, pharmacy services, and primary care positions Amazon as a comprehensive healthcare provider.

Strategic Acquisitions

Amazon’s $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical, finalized earlier this year, underscores the company’s commitment to disrupting the healthcare industry. This strategic move enhances Amazon’s capabilities, combining technological innovation with established healthcare expertise.

Industry Trends: Amazon vs. Competitors

Costco’s Virtual Primary Care

Costco Wholesale Corp. has entered the primary care arena, offering its members access to healthcare, including $29 virtual primary care visits through a partnership with Sesame. Amazon’s $9 monthly offering presents a competitive alternative, emphasizing affordability for Prime members.

Walmart Health Centers

Walmart Inc. has established Walmart Health centers within select Walmart Supercenters, providing a range of healthcare services, including primary care and dental care. While Walmart’s extensive network is a strength, Amazon’s focus on virtual and discounted primary care presents a compelling alternative for Prime members.

Future Growth Prospects

Analysts at D.A. Davidson project that Amazon’s healthcare efforts could contribute an additional 1 percentage point of revenue growth in 2026. As the e-commerce giant continues to innovate in the healthcare space, these efforts may serve as a key driver for future sales.


Amazon’s move to offer Prime members primary care for $9 a month through One Medical marks a paradigm shift in healthcare accessibility. With a combination of virtual and in-person care, cost-saving benefits, and strategic acquisitions, Amazon is positioning itself as a major player in the evolving healthcare landscape. As the company continues to expand its healthcare ecosystem, Prime members can expect unparalleled convenience and value in their healthcare experience.

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